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Tony Windberg. A Painter in the Woods

In the midst of a vast Eucalyptus forest that lies deep in the heart of the great southern region of Western Australia, sits a cottage filled with test tubes, material samples, drafts, notes, indexed color samples and canvasses reflecting their surroundings: the trees.
Simply calling Tony Windberg a Landscape Artist falls short of the true essence of his work. Charcoals of burnt trees, the bark and resin of various Eucalyptus trees and the soil in which they grow and die are all transformed into materials for his works of art in long, well documented procesess of experimentation.

Director: Thomas Schumacher

1968 born in Eppingen, Germany
1986 - 88 Metal Prophecy/Escape H.M.-Fanzine, Editor
1999 - present: Deutsche Welle TV Berlin, Production Assistant
2002 Magister Artium, Freie Universität Berlin
2004 - 06 Radio_Copernicus, the German-Polish Artist Radio
2006 - 08 Universität der Künste, Berlin: cooperation at degree programme
Experimental Sound Art and Sound Design/Sound Studies
2009: Gerne Mehr Film


Film Type:Documentary, Short
Runtime:22 minutes 28 seconds
Completion Date:June 2, 2014
Production Budget:3,000 USD
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Australia
Film Language:English

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