воскресенье, 30 августа 2015 г.


The changes are getting faster. Technology and science create miracles.
One day You can fall asleep and won't recognize the World where You have woken up.

Director: Adam Żądło

Adam Żądło – born 6 July 1993. Student Graphic Design department of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. He specializes in animation, but also juggles photography, painting and drawing. Works with Academy of Science in Kraków with a construction of the cyborg.
He loves science, technology and pets. His inspiration come from delight over the world and scientific knowledge. He believes, that the core of the humanity is imagination.
Time: 3 minutes 21 seconds.
Directed by: Adam Żądło
Music: Michał Jakub Papara
Support: Animated Film Studio (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts)
Time: 7 min 56 s
Directed by: Adam Żądło
Support: Photography 2 Studio (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts)
He is currently working on another animation about evolution and greed.


Film Type:Short, Student
Genres:Sci-fiction, technology, telekomunikation, future, robots
Runtime:7 minutes 56 seconds
Completion Date:July 2, 2015
Production Budget:500 USD
Country of Origin:Poland
Country of Filming:Poland
Film Language:Polish

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