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ALAYA - Moments of creation

A feature documentary about the austrian sculpturer Rudolf Hirt.

One stroke overwrites the other. Releases - creates space for new impressions, ideas, transformations. One moment replaces the other.
Everythings needs its time - a oeuvre the personal development of its creator. It constantly flows into, shapes and coins the work.
The oeuvre is completed, when all attachment is dissipated and the core is laid open.
But in the end it is not about the oeuvre as a result - it is about the process and the moments of creation.

Director: Judith Barfuss

Born 1991 in Munich (Germany)_lives and works in Murau, Vienna & Linz (Austria)_works with different media_filmmaker_cinematographer_co-founder of artists-platform ARTMUR


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:1 hour 14 minutes
Completion Date:October 1, 2015
Country of Origin:Austria
Country of Filming:Austria
Film Language:German

City of Terror

City of Terror is the story of one of the longest sieges of World War Two. In Budapest, Hungary 100 thousand German and Hungarian troops held up a force twice as strong comprising two Soviet Fronts, for 108 days between October 1944 and February 1945. Half of this time the defenders fought completely encircled by the mighty Red Army. Budapest was so important politically and strategically for Adolf Hitler that he sent the last reserves of his elite SS panzer divisions to relieve Budapest when the Soviet tanks were just 60 kilometers from the capital of the Third Reich.

Director: Tamás Babos

Tamás Babos is a prolific filmmaker in the Hungarian market. Widely known as the sensitive cinematographer of six movies and dozens of TV films and documentaries, Tamás set on the journey of directing in 2012 with short film Fehér Nyíl (White Arrow). At the same time he has worked as a producer of a number of TV films for the Hungarian public service media. During his career he won numerous prizes for cinematography and his films have been awarded, too.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Runtime:1 hour 24 minutes
Completion Date:April 30, 2015
Country of Origin:Hungary
Country of Filming:Hungary
Film Language:Hungarian

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Cross and Banner

Every two years, the small town of Beverungen, somewhere in the middle of Germany, celebrates its "Schützenfest", the traditional Marksmen's Festival. In 2008, Beverungen had the honour of hosting the annual festival of the “Confederation of Historical German Marksmen's Brotherhoods" with thousands of participants coming from all over the west of the country.

Director: Jürgen Ellinghaus

Studies of law and political science in West Berlin and Paris. 1985-1997, freelance work and author/producer for German and French public radio companies. Program manager for documentary TV broadcasters (1995-1997: ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg; 1997-2004: PLANET/E documentary channels, Paris/Munich).


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:54 minutes 6 seconds
Completion Date:July 11, 2013
Production Budget:0 USD
Country of Origin:France
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:German

Daughter of the Lake

At the height of the Peruvian gold rush, an Andean woman able to communicate with water spirits uses her powers to prevent a mining corporation from destroying the lake she considers to be her mother.

Director: Ernesto Cabellos Damián

Ernesto Cabellos Damián was born in Lima, Peru in 1968. In 1994, he founded Guarango, a docu- mentary filmmakers association. Ernesto has produced and directed the feature documentary feature films “Choropampa” (2002), and “Tambogrande” (2007), in collaboration with Canadian director Stephanie Boyd. He also produced “The Devil Operation” (2010) with Boyd. These award-winning films chronicle over 10 years of conflict between communities and mining companies in Peru. In 2009 Ernesto made “Coo- king up Dreams”, a portrait of Peruvian society shown through its gastronomy.Ernesto’s documen- taries have been selected in more than 150 international film festivals, obtaining 35 awards and distinctions, and broadcast on international television channels.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Genres:Documentary, Enviromental
Runtime:1 hour 27 minutes
Completion Date:April 15, 2015
Country of Origin:Peru
Country of Filming:Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Netherlands, Peru
Film Language:Spanish

Spilling salt

Bolivia holds a sea of salt, the heart of the spirit of the earth "pachamama" called Salar de Uyuni, the world larges reserve of lithium, at the time that protects us from UV rays. On the eve of a change of energy the entire planet, will share their future and destiny again

Director: Natalia Armienta Oikawa

With a degree in communication,Master's Degree in cinema in Barcelona, Spain. screen writer of the romantic comedy "seven years of marriage".Writer of "the permanence of the Vampire" book of cinema. Her debut feature documentary "sands of freedom", was awarded with the prize Moses Huentelaf in the Film Festival of Indigenous Peoples of Valparaiso, Chile and won the special jury prize at the 7th International Festival of Digital Cinema of Viña del Mar, in addition to presenting at the film on world environmental UN reunion COP16.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:conservation, climate change, lithium, energy
Runtime:1 hour 4 minutes
Completion Date:June 1, 2015
Production Budget:200,000 USD
Country of Origin:Mexico
Country of Filming:Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Film Language:Spanish

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Threre is the "Donetsk" International Airport named after Sergei Prokofyev. October 1, 2014... The enemy planned to break down Ukrainian soldiers that day. However, "Cyborgs" managed to survive under the authority of their courageous and competent commander, Colonel Alexander Trepak (Special Action Forces) callsigned "Redoubt".
He banded together the military comrades, soldiers of a volunteer battalion, volunteers and journalists.
They all became one brotherhood, heroes of the "Airport" film. And they proved on their own example, that Ukrainian nation is invincible.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:46 minutes 20 seconds
Completion Date:May 28, 2015
Country of Origin:Ukraine
Country of Filming:Ukraine
Film Language:Russian, Ukrainian

Return to Cuba

After 18 years living in Italy, Barbara Ramos returns to live in Cuba. In the town of Santa Clara, she discovers through family and friends what has changed in Cuba but also what has not and will likely never change. Shot over a period of three years - the time it took Barbara to build her dream house - "Return To Cuba" chronicles her life in the wake of Raul Castro's liberal reforms and reconciliation with the United States of America. A new Cuban reality reveals itself with energy and humour!

Director: David Fabrega

David Fabrega was born in France in 1976. Graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of Marseille, he emigrated to Canada in 2005. In 2010, he creates the company Conteur d’images Productions to produce documentary films and photo stories. Endorsed by the United Nations for the International Decade of Biodiversity, his first feature film "A Biodiversity Odyssey" was released at theater in Canada and recently broadcasted in France. His photo stories on social changes within the Cuban society has been published in several Canadian newspapers and magazines.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Biography, social
Runtime:1 hour 18 minutes 10 seconds
Completion Date:July 31, 2015
Production Budget:125,000 USD
Country of Origin:Canada
Country of Filming:Cuba
Film Language:Spanish