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Friday Child

Mother and child apart from each other try to reach one another through diaries.
Tinja lives with her father, dreams about cows and misses her mother, who is struggling with alcoholism but loves her daughter and wishes to one day be able to live a normal life with her. When Tinja visits mom, life is an adventure; dressing up as ghosts, dancing and singing quirky songs. It's a melancholic, yet hilarious story that allows the viewer to realize things are not always black and white.

Director: Tinja Ruusuvuori

I wanted to make a film that would be like my memories. I wanted to reconstruct a phase from my childhood to remember it better. Memories are rarely clear, let alone linear. Friday Child is composed of several fragmented visions whose techniques vary from animations to staged re-enactments. The diaries written by the mother and the child, carried out as voice-overs, form the spine of the film. I wanted the final film to entail two equally strong viewpoints on the events it depicts.


Film Type:Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime:16 minutes 51 seconds
Completion Date:December 17, 2014
Production Budget:15,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Finland
Country of Filming:Finland
Film Language:Finnish

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