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The Poachers

In 1952, ten friends bought a ranch fifty miles north of the small mining town of Chisholm, Minnesota. For over half a century they returned every weekend. Traditions were established and passed from one generation to the next. The whole world changed, but the Poachers' Shack remained. With only one of the original members alive, and each generation moving further away the traditions established are in danger of being lost.

Director: Matthew Koshmrl

Matthew is a filmmaker and cinematographer born and raised in Minnesota. Specializing in documentary film, Matthew has produced films around the United States and Internationally. After graduating with a B.A. in film production from Emerson College, Matt moved to Daegu, South Korea where he continued his work as a filmmaker at Daegu Compass, an arts & culture magazine and website. While living abroad Matt was the cinematographer on short films featured in screenings throughout South Korea, including the Daegu Independent Short Film Festival. While in graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin, Matt has focused on documentary films that explore the evolution of tradition, individual and national identity and unseen processes.


Film Type:Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime:18 minutes 45 seconds
Completion Date:January 3, 2015
Production Budget:5,000 USD
Country of Origin:United States
Country of Filming:United States
Film Language:English


NEITHER is an ethnographic portrait of people outside the gender binary made by Babette Burgi, a culture studies student at the University of Zurich. For Romeo, who calls himself “transform”, gender is fluid, a form that can change. The camera follows Romeo with beard and high heels into the subculture of Swiss gender queers. Also Mir, who lives in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, fits neither in the female nor in the male gender box. Feeling more a man than a woman, more Mike than Mirjam, Mir puts on a beard for calming down. NEITHER explains how complex, diverse, and creative gender performances can be. The film shows different ways to live gender diversity and even the filmmaker discovers new forms to express her own gender identity.

Director: Babette Bürgi

Babette Buergi was born in 1988. During her Bachelor and Master at the University of Zurich she produced several ethnographic short films. NEITHER is a film project realized as Master thesis by Babette Buergi. She studied Popular Culture Studies, Social Anthropology and Cultural Analysis at the University of Zurich. NEITHER is her first feature film (45 minutes). The protagonists were accompanied during a period of one year in which the filmmaker became a member of the Queerscene and got access of the hidden subculture of Genderqueers. NEITHER was finished in october 2014 and has been shown in several film festivals and universities.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature, Student
Runtime:45 minutes 20 seconds
Completion Date:October 10, 2014
Production Budget:4,000 CHF
Country of Origin:Switzerland
Country of Filming:Netherlands, Switzerland
Film Language:Dutch, German


четверг, 22 октября 2015 г.


One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct (Artist’s Cut, 2015) is a documentary of a journey with a string of one hundred mules, that drew a line, between Los Angeles and a major source of its water in the Eastern Sierra.
This one-month meditation and artwork was undertaken by Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on Nov. 5, 2013. Mules were an important component of the labor force that made the building of the aqueduct possible. This artist action paid homage to the quiet dignity of the mule and the patient pace of its progress across the western epic landscape.


After graduating from U.C Berkeley in film studies and ethnography, Dickson's interests focused on cinematography and documentary filmmaking. His professional experience brings confident and creative energy with a fresh, unique visual style that exposes an intimacy between the artist and his camera. Currently Producer/Director/DP for two time Emmy Nominated series: "Artbound" programming on KCET (www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/) Winner of three Golen Mike awards, Two L.A. Press Club Awards - 2012 & 2013 and voted LA Weekly Best Art & Culture Site in Los Angeles.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature, Other
Genres:Artist cut, environmental, documentary, experimental, art, animal, water, human rights, durational
Runtime:1 hour
Completion Date:March 2, 2015
Production Budget:75,000 USD
Country of Origin:United States
Country of Filming:United States
Film Language:English, Spanish

KHATTE: The Choice of Freedom

A documentary film about long-term street children, living in Kathmandu and two protagonists: ex-street kid Sushil Babu Chhetri and Lalit Shasi who runs a non-government organization for children in need. Sushil wants to direct street theatre with street children as main protagonists, trying to show alternative ways how to help them and how to face this never ending problem. But his task turns out not to be as easy as it seemed, facing more problems than he expected at the beginning. Lalit Shasi, despite the fact that there are no street children in his orphanage, wants to save three street kids from the street by giving them bed, food and safety in his organization. But he faces the reality of the street and struggle to convince children to choose safety instead of their freedom.

Director: Miha Mohoric

Passionate travel writer and filmmaker who is documenting people’s ways of
life and their culture in his films. As a multimedia engineer trained at the Institute
and Academy of Multimedia, Ljubljana 2006, his interest in the profession improved
at the Middlesex University, London, where in 2009 he graduated from the Media
Production Management.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:55 minutes 20 seconds
Completion Date:August 15, 2015
Production Budget:3,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Slovenia
Country of Filming:Nepal
Film Language:English, Nepali


The “Duque de Alba” is the last adult movie theatre remaining in Madrid. Rafael, the projectionist, works hard every day in order to make the place tidier.

Director: OMAR A. RAZZAK

Omar loves films. Sometimes he produce them, sometimes he edit them. He has directed Paradiso, his first
feature film.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Runtime:1 hour 13 minutes
Completion Date:March 15, 2014
Production Budget:30,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Spain
Film Language:Spanish

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A LA MEDIANOCHE (At nightfall) 'Moments with Javier Arzuaga'

Three of us were the protagonists of what happened in La Cabaña back then: he who died, he who killed and me, God’s clown, trying to offer what I could not.
The Cabaña was the Fortress of Havana; When: the first five months of 1959, that is, the first steps of the Cuban revolution;
Those executed: soldiers and police officers of the Batista regime;
The executioners: the fighters who had come down from Sierra Maestra;
God's clown, trying to convey his worn-out faith: Javier Arzuaga (Oñate, 1929), a Franciscan friar.
There were many well know characters there, one of them was the Che Guevara, who back then was the commander of La Cabaña.
After having kept all of his troubled life experiences to himself for over forty years, Arzuaga decided to put pen to paper. His book 'At midnight', stems from here as does this documentary presented by Angel Gonzalez Katarain.

Director: Angel Gonzalez Katarain

Angel Gonzalez Katarain is a sound engineer, musician and Basque audio-visual producer. He has his own recording studios located in Azkarate (Navarra-Spain). Since 1980 he has been heavily involved in a myriad of projects within the world of image and sound.
In 2010 he became the main promoter of Seeds in time, a historical research project that seeks to audio visually rescue and display the influence of the Basque culture in other parts of the world.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Social, Derechos humanos, conflictos, History, conflicts, Historia, Biografia, Biography, Latin, Latino, Latinoamericano, Religion
Runtime:1 hour 31 seconds
Completion Date:March 31, 2015
Production Budget:243,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Cuba, Spain
Film Language:Spanish