воскресенье, 30 августа 2015 г.

Nowhere Place

Where do you find the essence of your existence? On the peaks of the highest mountains in the world? Even higher, on an uninhabited planet from which you can never escape? Or is it in the deepest sorrow, by leaving a trail of destruction that will never be forgotten. This essayist documentary follows various people on their quest and inevitably leads to the question: how far do you want to go?

Director: Susanne Opstal

Susanne graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2014. From the very first year at the academy, she has been trying to stretch the limits of the genre, in visuals and story. This resulted in the movie Simulacrum (2013) for which she used 3D image mapping. But Susanne is equally at ease as an observing film maker, as in her documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church, prominently featured in the Louis Theroux film (America’s Most Hated Family in Crisis, 2011). Her graduation film Nowhere Place won her the Documentary Wildcard, awarded annually by the Dutch Film Fund to the best graduation films nationwide.


Film Type:Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime:26 minutes 42 seconds
Completion Date:November 6, 2014
Production Budget:12,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Netherlands
Country of Filming:Germany, Netherlands
Film Language:Dutch, English, German


Parents face an unknown fate in the nursing home.

Director: Yousef Abodan

I am Syrian ,and now Student at high cinema institute in Egypt.


ilm Type:Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime:17 minutes 15 seconds
Completion Date:May 5, 2015
Production Budget:5,000 USD
Country of Origin:Egypt
Country of Filming:Egypt
Film Language:Arabic

...beyond the waiting room

Art and artificiality, and healing power, knowledge and non-knowledge have to leave the business and the mediocrity system, kneeling and inferiority to the idea of life can be maintained.
Where does this mystical vision and creative ideal, if not Eremitagem with the spiritual nature? Away from boredom, one of the worst deaths of human beings.
With "... beyond the waiting room ', a documentary film, the hunger tormented soul has a glimpse of the ideal. He gets up and again becomes language.

Director: José Paulo Matos dos Santos

Researcher Communication Sciences. Degree Communication Sciences - Jornalist


Film Type:Short
Runtime:28 minutes
Completion Date:October 30, 2013
Country of Origin:Portugal
Country of Filming:Portugal
Film Language:Portuguese

A Pigeon of Public Market

This documentary was shot in one long take, of just over 16mins. The film presents an existential drama in a modern society. The recording of a pigeon's life and death within the backdrop of a modern metropolitan setting evokes the pace and apathy of modern lives.

Director: Zhang Yong

Zhang Yong is a PhD student of Beijing Film Academy and visiting scholar of Seattle University


Film Type:Documentary, Short
Runtime:16 minutes 51 seconds
Completion Date:December 31, 2014
Production Budget:100 USD
Country of Origin:China
Country of Filming:United States
Film Language:English


The changes are getting faster. Technology and science create miracles.
One day You can fall asleep and won't recognize the World where You have woken up.

Director: Adam Żądło

Adam Żądło – born 6 July 1993. Student Graphic Design department of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. He specializes in animation, but also juggles photography, painting and drawing. Works with Academy of Science in Kraków with a construction of the cyborg.
He loves science, technology and pets. His inspiration come from delight over the world and scientific knowledge. He believes, that the core of the humanity is imagination.
Time: 3 minutes 21 seconds.
Directed by: Adam Żądło
Music: Michał Jakub Papara
Support: Animated Film Studio (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts)
Time: 7 min 56 s
Directed by: Adam Żądło
Support: Photography 2 Studio (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts)
He is currently working on another animation about evolution and greed.


Film Type:Short, Student
Genres:Sci-fiction, technology, telekomunikation, future, robots
Runtime:7 minutes 56 seconds
Completion Date:July 2, 2015
Production Budget:500 USD
Country of Origin:Poland
Country of Filming:Poland
Film Language:Polish


AWAKENING CITY presents an universal debate on the role of public spaces in contemporary cities, the conflicts of cars against people; malls against parks and squares; private against public; consumer against citizen; destructive urbanism against green areas. The documentary provides a set of international cases, strategies and proposals aiming full implementation of the Right to the City. Blending the Essay Film style with experimental tones, AWAKENING CITY is a WORLD PREMIERE of the FIRST FILM directed by Fernando Ramos, former Brazilian Critic, Script Writer and Assistant Director.


FERNANDO RAMOS - Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June 19, 1984. In 2000 began publishing poems, short stories and essays. In 2002 entered the LARGO SAO FRANCISCO LAW SCHOOL (USP), becoming an Attorney with expertise in Cultural Regulations, Copyright and Right to the City.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Essay, Experimental, Documentary
Runtime:1 hour 40 minutes 6 seconds
Completion Date:June 1, 2015
Production Budget:10,000 USD
Country of Origin:Brazil
Country of Filming:Brazil
Film Language:English, Portuguese


Walentyna and Julian are married for quite a long time. They live
together, however in reality they both live in their own
independent worlds. The two barely see each other. Walentyna lives
in a world full of religion and graces however Julian prefers
sports. A short observation of a certain day in their lives. Will
anything make the two unite together?

Director: Eryk Lenartowicz

Eryk Lenartowicz - grew up in Sydney, Australia. As a teenager he returned to Poland. In 2014 graduated from Directing Faculty at Gdynia School Film. As of 2015 he will study at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney. He has already directed two diploma films: a short feature - “Fast Food” and a short documentary - “Sunday”. Eryk is a great fan of absurd cinema and dark comedies.


Film Type:Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime:10 minutes 5 seconds
Completion Date:February 28, 2015
Production Budget:1,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Poland
Country of Filming:Poland
Film Language:Polish

суббота, 29 августа 2015 г.

Art Connect

Art Connect is a feature length documentary that reveals the impact that art and creativity had in a group of 'at risk' teenagers from Laventille, the most marred by violence community in Trinidad and Tobago. The story is told by these children who had access to different forms of art to express themselves.
By talking, painting, singing, dancing and filming they will allow us to come into their world.

Director: Miquel

Miquel Galofré (Barcelona) is a multi-award winning filmmaker based in the Caribbean. After 20 years traveling the world producing TV programs, he jumped to film documentaries. He directed the internationally acclaimed trilogy of Jamaican documentaries:


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:arts, social, education, children, human rights
Runtime:1 hour 14 minutes
Completion Date:September 26, 2014
Production Budget:150,000 USD
Country of Origin:Trinidad and Tobago
Country of Filming:Trinidad and Tobago
Film Language:English

пятница, 28 августа 2015 г.

Out of Focus

This is a collaborative documentary about arts, culture and everyday life inside a prison for minors. It was shot during a photography and video workshop with young inmates at the Juvenile Community for Specialized Treatment in San Fernando, Mexico City.

Director: Adrián Arce & Antonio Zirión

Adrián Arce: Masters Degree in Media, Arts and Production, Film and Video Stream by the University of Technology, Sydney with a scholarship from the Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico.


Runtime:36 minutes 2 seconds
Completion Date:November 12, 2013
Production Budget:100,000 USD
Country of Origin:Mexico
Country of Filming:Mexico
Film Language:Spanish


4 friends, 1 car, 10,000 kilometers. A real road movie.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:road movie, travel, adventure, existentialism, reality, nature
Runtime:1 hour 12 minutes
Completion Date:August 12, 2015
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:United States
Film Language:Spanish