воскресенье, 16 августа 2015 г.


Documentary about an eclectic group of students from all corners of the planet at one of the world's top industrial design schools in Sweden's faraway north just below the Arctic Circle. The film explores everyday life and dynamic design processes at Umeå Institute of Design during the school's 25th anniversary when traditionally generous and export-driven Sweden has decided to impose steep tuition fees for non-Europeans, the very students instrumental in making the school what it is today.

Director: Mattias Löw.

Mattias Löw was born on 17 September, 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a documentary filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and director known for The Referee (2010), The Other Sport (2013), The Indian Priest (2015), Ice Carosello (2010) and Wounderland (2002). Mattias Löw has won acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and been the recipient of international TV-, film and journalism awards for his sport-, educational- and social-themed documentaries made for Swedish public TV broadcaster SVT - Sveriges Television.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Drama, News, Education, Cultural Clash
Runtime:58 minutes 45 seconds
Completion Date:September 1, 2015
Production Budget:50,000 USD
Country of Origin:Sweden
Country of Filming:Sweden
Film Language:English, Swedish

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