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A journey through the work and living spaces of pianist and composer Ernesto Lecuona, considered the most universal of Latin Ameica pianists. Three outstanding Latin Jazz piano players will guide us in this odyssey: CHUCHO VALDES in Lecuona’s native Havana fuses jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms, MICHEL CAMILO in New York, creates elegant soundscapes, in Seville, GONZALO RUBALCABA, the heart or Andalucia, fuses Latin Jazz with Flamenco.

Director Biography

Film director and screenwriter. Comes to the movies from video-art; music videos, and advertising short films. Pavel won the Silver Zenith for Best First Film at the Festival des Film du Monde (Montreal), with the film “Tres Veces Dos,” which he wrote and directed one of its three stories.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:1 hour 51 minutes
Completion Date:July 13, 2015
Production Budget:780,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Cuba, Spain, United States
Film Language:Spanish

Voice – Sculpting Sound with Maja S. K. Ratkje

The first documentary about Norway's most renowned contemporary female composer and experimental musician Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje follows the artist through the seasons all over Europe, presenting the variety and universalism of her work. Performances, sound recordings and intimate personal scenes are composed into a complex portrait of an uncompromising artist challenged between conflicting poles of family and vocation. A film about an individual’s voice whose vigor and enthusiasm are increasingly passed on to the viewer.

Director Biography

IJ.Biermann was born in 1978. He studied directing at the German Film & Television Academy in Berlin with Claire Denis, Béla Tarr, Andres Veiel and Christian Petzold. His first feature film, produced during filmschool, was the no-budget "Faust. A Tragedy: Part One", based on Goethe’s classic play, followed by the self-produced "Nordland", a road-movie across Northern Norway. He has finished several documentaries about music and art as well as a five-hour series on German actors. He has been working in Berlin and Norway in recent years.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature, Student
Genres:Music, Art
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Completion Date:September 1, 2015
Production Budget:30,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Film Language:English, Norwegian

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Out of a Jam

Bhuira is a small village with no roads, in the most economically backward district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Recognizing the abundance of fruits available and poor socioeconomic condition of the women, Linnet Mushran set up a small jam factory in the village in the year 2000.
Today its at the brink of becoming a pvt ltd company, and it's run completely by a remarkable group of village women, who until a few years back had never even heard of jams.
Out of a jam follows the inspiring lives of three vibrant and extra ordinary Bhuira women, who in their own individual way are working towards creating change in their community and shaping their common future.

Director Biography

Directors pic 2
Shalini Harshwal fell in love with the movies at age 4, and at age 12 while watching a Children's Film called 'Halo' she realised this is what she was born to do.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:58 minutes 44 seconds
Completion Date:January 2, 2014
Production Budget:10,000 USD
Country of Origin:India
Country of Filming:India

Film Language:Hindi

Herzlich Willkommen

Messstetten – a typical German village somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Recently Baden-Württemberg’s second reception centre for asylum seekers opened its gates here and became the temporary home for 1000 people from all over the world. Mohamad, Ahmad, Abraham and Yohannes are four of them who share their stories with us.
Set in peaceful German landscapes, HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN tells stories of violent times while observing daily life somewhere in between German bureaucracy and hospitality.

Director Biography:Pablo Ben Yakov

Working as an actor and narrator for movies and television since 1995. University Entrance Diploma 2007, alternative civilian service at „Diakonisches Zentrum Völklingen“ until 2008. Internship with „SR Tatort - Das Schwarze Grab“ (04/2008). Internship with Florianfilm GmbH in Cologne 2008 – 2009. Employed at Florianfilm GmbH as designer, editing assistant and production assistant 2009 – 2011.
Freelancing editor and designer since 08/2011. Currently studying documentary films at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Based in Ludwigsburg.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:33 minutes
Completion Date:August 31, 2015
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:Arabic, English, German

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Little Stars Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness

Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams.
Regrettably, not all conditions can be cured. However, many children with life-limiting conditions will live for years, if not decades. Currently, 20 million children can benefit from palliative care, but access remains an issue.
But for those who are receiving care, the results are incredible. These remarkable stories show young people finding hope, love, joy and attainment in the face of the inevitable.

Director Biography

Mike hill moonshine agency
Mike is a multi-award winning filmmaker and content creator with dozens of hours of produced credits. His passion is in crafting incredible screen stories that inspire change.
Mike is a graduate of the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He founded Moonshine in 2010, inspired to build a creative social enterprise guided by values over vanity.
His past films have released theatrically, in major film festivals and been broadcast on dozens of networks around the world including Fox, Al Jazeera, Channel 7 and SBS.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Health, Children
Runtime:52 minutes
Completion Date:May 1, 2015
Production Budget:500,000 AUD
Country of Origin:Australia
Country of Filming:Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Russian Federation, South Africa, United Kingdom
Film Language:English, Italian, Malay

Bock Saga - Welcome to Hel

It is the movie - travel on secret side of Finland. The mythology connected with one of the most ancient stories around the world - BOCK SAGA. The Saga told from creation of the world which was transmitted presently by Ior Bock.
In the film, we will go together with Jim Chesnar (the friend and the pupil of Ior Bock) in places connected with the Saga.
We will visit islands, caves, the real North Pole, the most ancient castle on the planet, we will open many secrets and we will visit a place of burial of Ior Bock.

Director Biography:Alexander popov

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I spent all childhood with a vhs camera, making different miniatures. Once, the father of the school friend saw the material which is finished shooting by me and invited to work in the Film Video studio of the Bolshoi Theatre. There are I was make a "The Ticket in Big" and "15 entrance" for the Russia Culture TV channel.
Then there was time of TV series, work on the projects "Interns", "Trace", "Fifth Guards". Participation in work on the movie "That Carlson" and so forth.
At some point invited to work in Ostankino (Russian TV), directly as the director, transfers for the first channel – "Secrets of Investigation", "Power vampires" and so forth. Within a year "Army Shop" made pass. In parallel I make short films and social advertising.
In 2013 I went to travel across Asia where think about SAR short movie.
In 2015 I was invite to Finland to Make any video about BOCK SAGA. So I make it.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:secrets, mythology, conspiracy, documentary, travel
Runtime:1 hour 19 minutes 50 seconds
Completion Date:November 15, 2015
Production Budget:500 USD
Country of Origin:Russian Federation
Country of Filming:Finland
Film Language:English