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herons and monks

This meditative film juxtaposes two species, each mesmerizing in their own way. An eighty-four year old monk from Bhutan creates a medicine sand mandala, while great blue herons and egrets from the Gulf of Mexico stalk their prey.
Birds of myth and elegance, herons are at home on earth, in air and water. They are a symbol of good luck and patience, and the heron’s harsh cry was believed, by the ancient Egyptians, to announce the beginning of time.

Director: Elizabeth Zetlin

Elizabeth Zetlin is a poet and filmmaker born in Virginia, and now living in Owen Sound, Ontario. First trained as a visual artist, her practise now integrates image and word through the medium of video. Her first poetry videos, The Limestone Ghazals, were exhibited in art galleries in Canada and Ireland as part of the international artistic exchange, the Limestone Barrens Project. Now becoming known as an award winning filmmaker as well as an award winning poet, Zetlin is producer/director of the Words Aloud feature documentary, companion online Study Guide and YouTube Channel (with over 200 videos from past Words Aloud Festival performances, interviews and workshops):


Film Type:Documentary, Short, Other
Runtime:9 minutes 42 seconds
Completion Date:July 17, 2015
Production Budget:2,500 USD
Country of Origin:Canada
Country of Filming:Canada, United States
Film Language:English

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