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This is a documentary film about the Asian Labourers (Indian Tamils, Burmese & Javanese) who worked like slaves at Siam (Thailand) – Burma death railway line during WWII.
Generally the title “Siam-Burma Death Railway” emphasizes the tearful faces of POW's and their sufferings to the outside world. The Records of WWII are projecting the cruelty of this 415 KM lengthy railway construction by Japanese army and role of POW's in archives and Libraries. The Books published on this issue after the war by POW's and their families had announced the wounded experiences of allied forces. The existing war records of WWII are illuminating the stories of POW's alone.

Director: Kurinjivenden

Director Dr. Kurinjivendan, working as a professor in Govt college, Pondicherry, Central University India. He has done research on the role of Asian Laborers (especially India n Tamil: laborers of Malaysia) as PhD, and released book on the same. Also he had written and directed an documentary film, Siam-Burma Death Railway- (Untold. story of Asian Laborers)


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:hisotry, war, human rights
Runtime:1 hour 4 minutes 2 seconds
Completion Date:July 13, 2014
Production Budget:40,000 USD
Country of Origin:Singapore
Country of Filming:India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand
Film Language:English

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