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The book My way of knowledge – Expedition into the Abyss of alienation (Heiko Volkmer, published by Materialverlag) critically looks into questions and phenomenons that unfold when dealing with the meaning of work in our society. In doing so, three poles correspond with each other: the subjective thoughts of the author who questions his decision to study at an art school, the fictional biography of a bookbinder who finds himself back in professional orientation and various works of the humanities, such as by Karl Marx, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel or Siegfried Kracauer.

Director: Heiko Volkmer

Heiko Volkmer was born in 1984 in Hamburg. His first film appeared in 2005 during the studies of the ethnic studies. He broke off these studies after 3 terms, to be able to switch to the HfbK Hamburg (Art school) in 2006. There he is studying visual communication with the main focus on Film.
In his studies he developed a variety of short documentary- and experimental-films as an auteur. In 2009/2010 he spend two semesters studying at the art school (ENSBA) in Lyon/ France.
Heiko Volkmer successfully passed his diploma in 2014 with the feature documentary “Bookbiographies” and the book “My way of knowledge – Expedition into the Abyss of alienation”.
Amongst other things he worked at the NDR (public TV-station) in Hamburg. Until today Heiko Volkmer works at "El Rojito e.V.", an association in Hamburg for fair-trade-products from Latin America. Since finishing his studies he works as a freelance filmmaker (splitterfilm) and at the ARD (public TV-station) in Hamburg.


Film Type:Documentary, Student
Genres:Experimental Documentary, Graduation Film, Social, Work, Literature
Runtime:1 hour 6 minutes 6 seconds
Completion Date:April 9, 2015
Production Budget:4,500 EUR
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:German

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