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Leaving Africa

"Have you ever seen any development without pain?"

Finnish doctor Riitta has been working in Uganda for more than 25 years. Together with her Ugandan friend Catherine, she brings sex education to Ugandan villages, challenging priests, imams, women and their husbands to discussions on women's rights to their bodies, sexuality and life. In ultra-conservative Uganda, this soon leads to serious complications, jeopardizing their entire life's work.
LEAVING AFRICA is a film about the quest for gender equality in Africa and the world's greatest challenge - mitigating the population explosion.

Director: Iiris Härmä

Iiris Härmä (b. 1970 Finland) has been involved in fi lm industry
since 1999 and is the other founding member of Guerilla
Films Ltd. She has produced and directed several awardwinning
short and feature-length documentaries that have
acclaimed international reputation in various fi lm festivals
around the world.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Human interest, Africa, Women, friendship, gender equality, sexual health, lgbt
Runtime:1 hour 24 minutes
Completion Date:January 27, 2015
Production Budget:280,000 USD
Country of Origin:Finland
Country of Filming:Finland, Uganda
Film Language:English, Finnish

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