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You Are What You Eat

A consideration on the environmental situation, its relationship with what we eat and the importance of knowing the quality and origin of our food, from the viewpoint of experts in haute cuisine, press, biology, engineering and the administration.
The role of aquaculture as an alternative to traditional fishing shows an encouraging trend to reduce pressure on increasingly polluted seas and rivers, as well as the management of urban waste into raw material.
Diego Gallegos "The Caviar Chef" awarded as Cook Revelation Madrid Fusion 2015, joins the voices that invite us to become aware of the environmental situation and the need to ease the impact made by the food industry, strengthening his commitment to ecological growth riverine species and inaugurating an organic vegetable garden in the back room of his restaurant SOLLO at Costa del Sol, Spain, giving a further step towards a sustainable gastronomy.

Director: Diego Erreka

'Eres Lo Que Comes', 2015. Director, Producer, Screenwriter.
'SOLLO', 2014. Director, Producer, Screenwriter.
'Fuga de Cerebros', 1998. -Fernando Musa.
Production Assistant.
'Happy Together', 1997. -Wong Kar Wai.
Production Assistant.
'El Viaje', 1992. -Fernando "Pino" Solanas.
Runner, Trainee.
Director’s Statement
Words become images.


Film Type:Documentary, Short
Genres:sustainability, environment, food, fishing, medioambiente, cocina, alimentos, sostenibilidad, pesca, cooking
Runtime:16 minutes
Completion Date:April 30, 2015
Production Budget:10,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Spain
Country of Filming:Spain
Film Language:Spanish

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