понедельник, 9 ноября 2015 г.


Threre is the "Donetsk" International Airport named after Sergei Prokofyev. October 1, 2014... The enemy planned to break down Ukrainian soldiers that day. However, "Cyborgs" managed to survive under the authority of their courageous and competent commander, Colonel Alexander Trepak (Special Action Forces) callsigned "Redoubt".
He banded together the military comrades, soldiers of a volunteer battalion, volunteers and journalists.
They all became one brotherhood, heroes of the "Airport" film. And they proved on their own example, that Ukrainian nation is invincible.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:46 minutes 20 seconds
Completion Date:May 28, 2015
Country of Origin:Ukraine
Country of Filming:Ukraine
Film Language:Russian, Ukrainian

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