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City of Terror

City of Terror is the story of one of the longest sieges of World War Two. In Budapest, Hungary 100 thousand German and Hungarian troops held up a force twice as strong comprising two Soviet Fronts, for 108 days between October 1944 and February 1945. Half of this time the defenders fought completely encircled by the mighty Red Army. Budapest was so important politically and strategically for Adolf Hitler that he sent the last reserves of his elite SS panzer divisions to relieve Budapest when the Soviet tanks were just 60 kilometers from the capital of the Third Reich.

Director: Tamás Babos

Tamás Babos is a prolific filmmaker in the Hungarian market. Widely known as the sensitive cinematographer of six movies and dozens of TV films and documentaries, Tamás set on the journey of directing in 2012 with short film Fehér Nyíl (White Arrow). At the same time he has worked as a producer of a number of TV films for the Hungarian public service media. During his career he won numerous prizes for cinematography and his films have been awarded, too.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Runtime:1 hour 24 minutes
Completion Date:April 30, 2015
Country of Origin:Hungary
Country of Filming:Hungary
Film Language:Hungarian

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