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Daughter of the Lake

At the height of the Peruvian gold rush, an Andean woman able to communicate with water spirits uses her powers to prevent a mining corporation from destroying the lake she considers to be her mother.

Director: Ernesto Cabellos Damián

Ernesto Cabellos Damián was born in Lima, Peru in 1968. In 1994, he founded Guarango, a docu- mentary filmmakers association. Ernesto has produced and directed the feature documentary feature films “Choropampa” (2002), and “Tambogrande” (2007), in collaboration with Canadian director Stephanie Boyd. He also produced “The Devil Operation” (2010) with Boyd. These award-winning films chronicle over 10 years of conflict between communities and mining companies in Peru. In 2009 Ernesto made “Coo- king up Dreams”, a portrait of Peruvian society shown through its gastronomy.Ernesto’s documen- taries have been selected in more than 150 international film festivals, obtaining 35 awards and distinctions, and broadcast on international television channels.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Genres:Documentary, Enviromental
Runtime:1 hour 27 minutes
Completion Date:April 15, 2015
Country of Origin:Peru
Country of Filming:Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Netherlands, Peru
Film Language:Spanish

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