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Indo-Canadian director, Punam Kumar Gill, felt that questioning anything around abortion was a treason to her feminist identity. But when she heard that the health information being given to women was subject to the politics of the people involved, and that 50 million women annually could be affected, she determined to take an honest, scientific look, and trudge through the highly volatile and politicized information around abortions' long-term effects on women's health. What she discovers in the process is not just vital to the subject of abortion, but also critical to her own life, and integral to the ongoing progress of women everywhere.

Director: Punam Kumar Gill

Punam Kumar Gill is a self-taught, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker. With a hunger to learn about movie making, she gave up her established career as a VP in fundraising to work at the bottom of the production ladder, educating herself while working on film sets.


Film Type:Documentary
Genres:Social, Political, Investigative, Health, Women
Runtime:1 hour 41 minutes
Completion Date:May 31, 2015
Production Budget:200,000 USD
Country of Origin:Canada
Country of Filming:Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Film Language:English

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