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Grado Mission

Missione Grado is a 2015 Italian documentary film directed by Carlo Christian Spano. The film chronicles some military activities carried out by the Italian contingent in Herat and Bala Morghab, Afghanistan. The title of the movie is taken from a secret code assigned to a group of journalist, a name pronounced by a sergeant of the "San Marco" Battalion whose gaze is the protagonist of the first chapter. As seen through the sergeant eyes, we can absorb the very true feelings that will lead him on his return to be an enlightened person and overall all of his reality.

Director: Carlo Christian Spano

Carlo Christian Spano was born in Rome in 1973. Graduated in Law, he decided to follow his lifetime passion, photography. In combination with the three-year diploma in Photography and Video Editing at IED - European Institute of Design of Rome, in 2001 he begun his experience in film and digital holding, covering all the roles pertaining to the camera department. As a cameraman, crane operator, steadicam operator (SOA 2007 Steadicam Certificate of Completion), director of photography and photographer, he worked with italian channels, international channels, indipendent productions and institutions. An avid outdoorsman, Carlo specializes in filming numerous documentaries on nature and society, videoclips, musicals, commercials, concerts, theatrical performances, performing arts, sport, architecture, industrial video, military operations and photographic reportages.


Film Type:Documentary, Feature
Runtime:1 hour 23 minutes 29 seconds
Completion Date:January 1, 2015
Production Budget:0 USD
Country of Origin:Italy
Country of Filming:Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates
Film Language:English, Italian

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