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Larco Avenue

In the mid 70’s, in the middle of the military dictatorship in Peru; Tavo, Cesar and Lucho, childhood friends from the Breña neighborhood in Lima, get together to achieve their dreamed project, forma a rock band. They wanted to do it right and after some rehearsals they realized that they wanted to gain more knowledge in music in order to have more elements to compose. They decided to go to the National School of Music and in this way Fragile was born; that sublime feeling that elevates you while their music lasts and lands you when they finish.
In the beginning of the 80’s they record their first album titled, Larco Avenue, name of the song that photographs the parties that went on in this renowned avenue in the district of Miraflores and, after 38 years, it still is the most know and performed hit in Peruvian rock.
During all these years, Fragile recorded eight discs and one single, they had three drummers and four lead singers who, at their respective time, gave life to each of their songs with their voices and music.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:2 hours 7 minutes 50 seconds
Completion Date:October 13, 2015
Production Budget:250,000 USD
Country of Origin:Peru
Country of Filming:Peru
Film Language:Spanish

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