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Come On, Let's Go!

Allez, Viens! takes you to the industrial area of Maastricht where a motley crew of nine young women live in a close-knit community. They strive to live an anti-capitalist lifestyle by sharing all their possessions, food and spaces. While sisters Anna and Amber make plans for their futures apart, it soon becomes clear that adventure is waiting and the girls will each have to prepare to venture off into the unknown.

Director: Biserka

Biserka Šuran is a Dutch-Croatian filmmaker living, studying and working in Amsterdam. Biserka was born in 1989 in former Yugoslavia. In 1991 she moved with her family to Amsterdam where she grew up. She went to a high school focused on art and that’s where she first started working with film.
Next to documentaries I frequently collaborate with performance artists.


Film Type:Documentary
Runtime:22 minutes 36 seconds
Completion Date:July 6, 2015
Production Budget:12,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Netherlands
Country of Filming:Belgium, Netherlands
Film Language:English

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